Kirsi Tilk

Guitarist・゚ ・゚·:。・゚゚・ Composer・゚ ・゚·:。・゚゚・Sound Engineer



Kirsi&Kristine (guitar/soprano) is a classical music duo since 2020. They play a wide repertoire from renaissance to contemporary music such as Benjamin Britten, Carl Nielsen, Francis Poulenc, Robert Gerhard and Manuel de Falla.

Thief On The Roof

Thief On The Roof (2015-) - Kirsi Tilk (EE) and Sune Pors (DK), is a guitar duo exploring an eclectic variety of musical styles (eg. folk, flamenco, jazz, world). They have released a debut album "Thief On The Roof" in 2017 and an EP “Stamps from Denmark” in 2020. Thief On The Roof has collaborated with many musicians and groups, such as a Kurdistan star Gara Sazkar, En:1, Karmen Rõivassepp and they have toured both in Estonia and Denmark.


Interacting Minds Podcast (2021- ) is an interdisciplinary research podcast hosted by Arnault-Quentin Vermillet and Savhannah Schulz and produced by Kirsi Tilk.In each episode, they are joined by fellow interdisciplinary researchers to explore and discuss the work they have been doing and share a glimpse of the journey that brought them there.

Inequality talks/ Feminist talks are a series of interviews to discuss a wide range of societal, cultural and climate problems. The podcast is hosted by a Danish NGO Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke.

Pedagogy Of Play audio book series is based on the research about playful learning in the contemporary school systems researched by the Harvard-based scholars.

Field Recording

Take a Step - my composition for Cities and Memory project based on the recording of footsteps in Beaux the Provence church in France.


Kirsi Tilk is an Estonian-born, Denmark-based guitarist, composer and sound engineer.She won the second prize and jurys favourite for the compulsory piece at the Tallinn International Guitar Competition in 2010. In 2011 she performed a guitar concierto written by one of Estonia's most prominent contemporary composers, Tõnu Kõrvits in front of the Narva Chamber Orchestra. In 2015, she was invited by the composer to perform the same concierto on Estonian National Television (ETV), accompanied by Tallinn Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra. In 2018, she graduated from the The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, Denmark in classical/contemporary guitar and pedagogy. During her studies she also learned folk and world music by participating in a lot of GLOMAS workshops and a GLOMUS camp in Malaysia 2015. This same year, she studied at ESMUC (Escuela Superior de Música de Cataluña) in Barcelona, Spain, where she took lessons in flamenco, as well as several masterclasses in Sevilla and Granada.She started composing in 2015. Her compositional style is heavily influenced by flamenco, world music, classical music and folk. Ever evolving, it offers a broad but intimate perspective of music through flavourful and sometimes surprising combinations of styles. The perfect example of the fusion of styles is her guitar duo Thief On The Roof. Lately, her work as a composer has been influenced by her other activities as a sound engineer and field recordist, incorporating synthesizers and natural motifs.In 2020, Kirsi started a second career as a sound engineer. She worked with Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke, a Danish organisation fighting for equality, to produce The Feminist Talks (2020), and The Food Justice Talks (2023). Subsequently, she co-started and produced the Interacting Minds Podcast (2021-ongoing), a science podcast discussing the research taking place at the Interacting Minds Centre, Aarhus University, Denmark. In 2023, she collaborated with a group of Harvard-based scholars to produce an audiobook and podcast series: Pedagogy of Play, showcasing the work of project Zero. Starting 2023, you will be able to hear some exclusive work on Aarhus Radio Sydhavnsbølgen (FM).As a field recorder she is currently building a soundbank of various Danish and Estonian landscapes, and has used some of these recordings in various compositions and works, including a live performance Duo with Nature at turkis, Aarhus.